Month: May 2021

what is pinterest

What is Pinterest?

  What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a platform where you can discover new ideas. You can find inspirations to do something that people love through Pinterest. Pinterest is a social network that you must pay attention to get a lot of updates and to discover the new things each day. Pinterest is a pin board …

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What is PPC

What is PPC?

What is PPC?    PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click,  is one of the internet marketing techniques that can boost your Colorado business.  PPC is a type of online marketing in which an advertiser has to pay a specific amount for each time when the ad are being clicked on. It is a common …

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What is cPanel?

What is cPanel?

What is cPanel? cPanel often referred to as Control Panel is a Linux-based GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is used to simplify server and website management. cPanel is basically one of the most commonly used and popular control panel options that are used by most of the hosting providers to ensure easier and effective management …

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what is geo fencing

What is Geo-Fencing?

What is Geo-Fencing? Technology is making several advancements to make your life easy. You can access any location and area because of applications and services provided by the internet. Geofencing is one of the location-based services which can allow the user to have access to the location through using GPS and RFID. It also has …

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