5 tips to choose a Denver SEO company

5 tips to choose a Denver SEO company

Whether it’s your first time engaging a local SEO company in Denver—or you are just looking to switch to professionals who really understand their craft, choosing one local agency, expert or consultant can prove quite an uphill task.

With over 250 Denver SEO companies in the Denver metro area, you can be sure slipping to the wrong firm is much easier than you’ve ever envisioned.

You could easily interview 10 SEO firms and get a different strategy for your online success. Our Denver SEO experts take all of this into consideration when we work on your SEO strategies.

So the big question becomes—HOW DO I KNOW WHO TO CHOOSE?

Well, that’s exactly our focus in this post. We will share our five hand-picked tips to choose a Denver SEO company. So read on, and our prayer is that you will know when you have found the right Denver SEO company.

#1 Map out your business goals


Can’t emphasize this enough! As the business owner, you need to set up your business’s goals even before bringing anyone on board. That’s precisely by defining your short-term and long-term SEO goals. Branding aspects that set your business apart should also come out clearly. Only then can you narrow down to choosing an SEO company whose objectives resonate with your interests. If you are new to SEO and digital marketing, then of course words like SERPS, Google, and WordPress may be confusing.

But the right company will have no problem educating you as they work. We believe that the more our clients know about what we are doing for them, the more respect they have for our services, time involved, and of course it keeps us more accountable.

#2 Connect with a local Denver SEO specialist


Many clients have shared stories of working with an out of state or overseas company and how complicated it can get when your SEO company is not local.

This may not be a big deal for you, but if you like to be in the same time zone, enjoy meeting in person, and also appreciate that your local SEO firm knows the economic atmosphere of Denver and the surrounding areas, then yes we believe going with a local Colorado agency is important.

#3 SEO is practical—Ask for facts, not claims!


Now that you have identified a couple of your best SEO companies in Denver, it’s time to dive deeper and project what to expect from them. Even if you understand what typical SEO firms should be doing, don’t assume their job—ASK for the process.

Although they might not outline the entire scheme right away, this helps you gauge their prowess and get a general overview of what exactly you are paying for.

If a company says they will only rank you for a set number of keywords instead of unlimited, make note of that. If the only reports they provide you is a 50 page report that makes no sense instead of a visual walkthrough video, make note of that.

You get the point. Ask about what deliverables you will receive, what they expect should happen in terms of results, and then what processes they have. 

#4 What are their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?


Is the SEO company looking to boost your conversion rates, traffic, and leads? Genuinely specifying these three metrics tells you they actually care about your Return On Investment (ROI)—your main reason for choosing them.

So going forward, you can be sure this is a project worth your every single buck.

If the company is vague or has no real strategies, you may want to consider an SEO firm or expert that has a dedicated plan to meet your goals.

#5 Last but not the least—Review their past clients’ voice


A happy client will always feel indebted to vouch for a great service. Check out genuine platforms such as BBB, Google Reviews, and their social media platforms to see what their customers are saying.

In case you notice a negative review, don’t be too quick to dismiss them and their services. Instead, evaluate them based on how they responded. Communication is very critical in your quest on how to find a good SEO company.

(BONUS) Take your time; choose the best Denver SEO company


SEO is a long-term investment. Connecting with the right SEO consultant or agency right from the start saves you time, resources and eventually safeguards your online presence. That’s why applying these tips are so invaluable.

Better yet, our SEO company in Denver is here to offer you the best service you so deserve. Contact us today and watch your business beat all odds! Colorado Web Impressions 719-419-3935

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