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 We know that your website and digital marketing situation is unique. We desire to listen to your specific needs, wants, and vision. As we start to understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future, we will then uncover where your website, SEO, social media, or digital presence could be improved, if needed, to meet and or exceed your goals. This 100% free, no obligation service is not to sell you anything, not a scam, or lead generation gimmick. It’s simply to help educate, be good stewards, and share the knowledge from which God has blessed us. Watch this short video on our evaluation service to explain more of why you may request this. Or if you want to skip the evaluation and work with us, click the button below. ❤ Chris @ CWI

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Evaluation FAQ's

None! We will never email you, call you, or bother you at all after we deliver our findings to you. Seriously! Trust us!

Imagine you knew nothing about car engines, but you have a feeling something is not right with your car. Of course you can take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to diagnose it, but maybe you know a trusted friend who can quickly tell you what that weird sound is and maybe not only save you money, but help put your mind at ease. 

In a way, this is the same scenario. You may have a website and have no idea if anything is broken, not sure why you feel invisible on Google, your social media exposure is low, or maybe you simply want to double check you’re doing everything correct and have a professional tell you that everything is fine!

As a Christian based business, we desire to treat you, our neighbor with love, respect, and transparency. So if we can help share some helpful tips with you and at the same time it glorifies God, then we are fulfilling our purpose. 

When you tell us what you want us to examine, discover, and investigate, we will provide you with a video walk through of our findings.

So say for an example you want us to look at your website and search engine rankings: We will use screen capturing software to let you see what we and share with you our findings, tips, and suggestions. 

So why video? Because who wants to honestly read a 60 page PDF? 

We believe through video, we can share in real time, your issues and items in need of repair.

But also please know this, your website, Google rankings, social media, video marketing, email marketing and simply your digital marketing efforts may be amazing and nothing is needed.

Our job and or intent is not to search until we find an issue. 99% of the time once we land on your website we can spot common user experience issues or SEO problems that are affecting your search engine positions. 

Many people simply want to know that their own diy marketing efforts, staff, or hire company is doing what can be done to succeed online.


Once we receive your evaluation request form or even a phone call from you to our office at 719-419-3935, we will gather your questions and comments and get to work. Typically the same day or within 24 business hours we will get our findings to you. Some requests are more intense or specific and may take a little more time. But at the end of the day we want to help you as quickly as possible. 

Need help? Call our friendly, local staff at (719) 419-3935