How do you update a WordPress theme?

How do you update a WordPress theme?

How do you update a WordPress theme?

With WordPress being one of the most famous website building platforms, one of the most important things about your WordPress website is its theme. Selecting and updating a theme is essential as it makes your WordPress website aesthetically pleasing. However, as WordPress contains many extensions and plugins, it is not easy to update your WordPress theme. Our local Colorado web designers offer monthly maintenance services to help make sure your website is always running well. 

You can update your WordPress theme using several methods. Some of the most effective ones are specified below.

WordPress theme: How to update it?

You can update your WordPress theme using several methods. Some of the most effective ones are specified below.

Method 1:

Go to Dashboard. Here you will find the option of updates. Click on updates, select the theme, and update it. Sometimes you would not see any WordPress theme under the update section. It is because no WordPress theme of your WordPress website requires to be updated.

You can also click on Dashboard and then on Appearances>Themes to check for any updates for your WordPress website. If any of your themes would require an update, it will be under this section as well. It is one of the easiest and recommended methods of updating the theme of your WordPress website.

Method 2:

You can manually update the theme of your WordPress website as well. For this, the steps are slightly different than method 1. Also, this method is not suitable for beginners. To implement this method, you first must have a theme.

You can purchase or select your themes from platforms like ThemeForest and CreativeMarket. Although there are many platforms where you can choose your desirable WordPress themes, these two are the most recommended ones.

After you have downloaded your theme, make sure to upload it. To do this, click Dashboard. After clicking on Dashboard, go to Appearances>Themes. In this section, you would see the upload theme option. Click on this, and upload your theme.

Make sure to make a backup of your old theme, as there is a risk of you losing your old WordPress theme in the process. Also, rename the previous WordPress theme, as two theme folders of the same name can’t be uploaded. To do this, log in, and go to wp content/themes/, then rename your current theme folder.

Doing this will make sure that you don’t get any errors while uploading your new theme.

Method 3:

You can also update your theme by using a child theme. Child themes help you not to lose your customizations. For this method, you must add styles from the parent theme.

You can do this by using stylesheets and function files. Then edit one of the two files (template and function files) residing in the parent theme. It is up to you which files you choose. Editing of both the files differs from each other, so make sure you know how you can edit both of them. After this, edit the files residing in the child theme, and activate it.

The above-specified are some of the ways in which you can effectively update your WordPress theme.

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