How does Google Crawler Work?

What is Google Crawler?

When you make your website go online you are adding it to the Google Index. Crawling is the process that automates the analysis of all the new and updated pages on the websites. The analysis generates some scores. That score is used for ranking the websites and the one with the best score ranks on the top of search engine results.

How does the google crawler work?

As the google crawler is generating the results from websites it works in 3 basic steps. Here are all 3 of them.


Someone makes their web page go online every other day, so it is almost impossible to maintain a directory of the new pages. So, the first thing that the google crawler has to do is to look for the newer pages. Sometimes a website is new while sometimes only a web page on a whole website is new for the Google crawler. To identify them google crawler uses the sitemap from the website to crawl.

Some managed web hosting services themselves inform the crawler whenever you add a new page. As soon as a new page is found the crawler finds what is on it and analyzes everything including the text and the no-text content. It also focuses on things like the layout to know if the website is better for the traffic or not.


It is the part of the crawling process where the google crawler tries to understand the goal of the page. In this step the following things are analyzed:

  • Content on the page
  • Images and videos
  • Catalogs
  • Other page content embedded on the page.

After the crawls check all of these things it stores the information in the Google index. The information goes into the database which is stored in a lot of computers at Google.


It is the final step of the crawling process. To understand its working we will take an example. Consider that you type something on the google search bar. Google will try to search for the relevant answer to your query from the index. Google makes sure that the answers it gets from its index are of the highest quality.

The same thing happens in this case and the search engine is aimed at providing the best experience to the users by providing the most appropriate answers. So, when a webpage from the google index shows the relevance to the queries of any user their page ranks higher and the whole thing is done by programs.


Google crawler provides the search engine ranking to all the new and updated web pages according to several things about their performance. Here we were discussing the way Google crawler works.

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