How much should you pay for SEO?

Let’s start with this main question:
How much is SEO?
SEO services can start from as low as \$297 a month and go to up to \$2500 a month. These SEO cost factors include variables like the SEO agency size, location, experience, and of course individual pricing structures.

Your Colorado SEO needs are unique to you. So let’s consider you own a business in Denver and need on Google to get found in that area.

Denver SEO is widely used when a local Colorado company wants to compete online. These can include:

  • Trying to rank your site in different search engines
  • Trying to get your Google My Business found 
  • Trying to get your videos found on Google

5 SEO Pricing Tips

Local SEO is important in many aspects to promote your business online. There are many reasons why some people find it useful to work with the local SEO company. Some of them are discussed below:

1. What do you get for the cost?

When you contact your SEO consultant, it’s important to find out what products they offer, what you will have to pay, and what expectations you can plan for. 

2. Should you sign a long term contract?

If you are forced to sign a contract for your search engine optimization services, are you willing to do that? Is the Denver SEO company worth you doing this? 

3. Should you hire an out of state SEO company?

Let’s face it, it’s tempting to hire an out of state SEO company if they are cheaper. I mean SEO is SEO right?


When you work with a local Denver SEO company, you can meet the agency or SEO experts, you can get a cup of coffee and really get to know each other.

When you work the a local SEO company, you will have a chance to promote your business in front of customers who actually live around you and understand the construction around you, cities, and areas. 

Outsourcing can also be tough. Virtual Assistants who live across the globe have different hours and if you work with them directly, you have to be ready for Skype calls and working overnight at times. 

4. Can you pay to be #1 on Google?

Let’s face it, it’s tempting to pay whatever it would take to become #1 on Google. But you want to be warned that some SEO agencies may work with black hat SEO tactics and  strategies to get your website to rank. The problem is, when Google finds out you are manipulation them, it could be bad for your company. 

5. What should you pay for monthly SEO?

Ok so now you are ready to hire a Denver SEO consultant or an entire SEO agency, but what should you pay? Well again many factors and variables go into this. From the size of the agency to the experience, the SEO costs could be all over the place. Watch out for companies who when you decline their offer they come back with a new price. We have found that a a stable and solid search engine optimization company do not budge on their prices as they are worth their wages.

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