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Hire our Colorado digital marketing company to help with your web design and SEO to your social media and digital branding needs. 

Landscaping Digital Marketing

Do you own or work for a Colorado landscaping business? We help landscapers get more leads and exposure online through great looking websites, results driven landscaping SEO, and engaging social media marketing strategies. No matter you serve Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Northern Colorado, we help Colorado landscapers succeed online. Watch this video and learn more about why you may decide to work with us at Colorado Web Impressions.

Landscaper SEO & Marketing FAQ's

Your landscaping business is unique, just like our Colorado digital marketing  company is. Contact our local Colorado landscaping marketing experts to talk about your past, present, and future search engine goals.

Tips for Landscapers to Grow with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is very important, no matter what business you are running right now. Also, it makes no difference which level of business you have, either small scale or large scale, the only thing that makes difference is how you handle everything online. Today is the day of digital media and you have to consider this power no matter what. If you are the author of your success, the best way to make it reach as many people as you want is to use the digital marketing method.

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With 20 years of experience, we have learned a thing or two. One main complaint we hear about search engine optimization companies is a company gets sold a long term, locked-in and then when the honeymoon phase is over around month 3 to 4, you wonder if anyone is even helping you any more? You’re locked into a 12 month contract and have no idea if your SEO services are being outsourced vs in-house, your monthly reports are confusing PDF’s, and to top it off… your SEO agency works with other companies like your competition, serving the same areas, and have no loyalty to your business.  

Digital marketing tips for Landscaping Companies for instant growth

An effective and good marketing strategy can satisfy the needs of any business and, at the same time, enhance the demand for your service or product. But times have changed, although the need for marketing is still needed, however marketing strategies have changed a lot. Many new trends and digital marketing strategies are evolving in the current era of advanced technology, connected to the Internet and businesses must now be used to get success in their efforts, because what was successful in the previous years may not work in the coming years.

Generating good leads is one of the biggest challenges faced by landscaping companies. Building on word of mouth to achieve sustainable business growth and achieving sales and revenue goals is enough. By considering good digital marketing tips, you can attract potential customers and make them loyal customers.  

Here are some of the best digital marketing tips for landscaping companies for instant growth.

Consider paid advertising

Paid ads can help you to keep your business in the minds of your customers. By creating specific, innovative paid ads, you can target or redirect a specific audience based on the services you provide to meet the needs of these prospects and create new jobs for you. Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google. The only way to make sure your website appears on the first page of Google is to use pay-per-click advertisements through Google AdWords. Google AdWords is easy to use and there are many tutorials. Some companies try it themselves and find it expensive with little or no results.  

Focus on the reviews

We know that referrals are one of the most important things for landscapers and can generate many businesses. Customers leave comments to help discourage or convince others from spending money on a particular business, and they read the reviews because they trust this form of personal recommendations. If your landscape services are best, and you have many satisfied customers, some people will likely be referred to your business after reading one or more reviews.

Create a portfolio site

Create a portfolio dedicated to your business to display only those projects that you think are your best business. Put photos of these projects to make an excellent impression on visitors. Make sure the DSLR images are good. Also, check your portfolio regularly to display your latest solid business.

Download the top of the sales funnel

Not all visitors to your website are ready to register now. Most visitors will be in the phase of research, looking for concepts, ideas etc. that will help them to decide what they want before they even reach the selection stage. It is worth creating a technical document or a practical guide that answers the common questions of the buyer. Or maybe you can collect landscape designs or ideas that visitors can download.

When you provide this valuable information to a person in the investigation phase, and concerning their contact details and their email address, you have the possibility of establishing a relationship with them at the beginning of their purchasing cycle.