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Anyone can increase your search engine rankings! You, and employee or another Colorado SEO company! We believe in ethical SEO services

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Let’s be honest, anyone can increase your search engine rankings! You, an employee or another Colorado SEO company. Yet we believe in ethical SEO services that showcases your business in a positive light. Our Colorado SEO Specialists listen to your needs, pain points, and ultimate vision, then create an ethical strategy to get your website found higher on the Google, Bing, & Yahoo search engines for your top keywords and search phrases.

Here are a few important details:

  • We will not guarantee you #1 rankings as algorithms are uncontrollable
  • We believe in white hat SEO services
  • We will always provide reports to show your search analytics
  • You can do anything an SEO company can do… yourself!

So if you have plenty of free time or you have a limited budget, we encourage you to watch our FREE Colorado DIY SEO videos to help you navigate your way through the search engine optimization jungle. And of course our SEO experts are excited to partner with you and help your small business grow and succeed online.

Feel free to contact us today and tell us all about your search needs.

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What is SEO?

So you have a website, yet how do you get discovered online? Well you need to have a website that is optimized for the search engines. This can be simple to complex like having proper title tags, url structures, content, keywords, backlinks and more advanced strategies like silo structures, schema markups and analytics.

In the simplest form, to answer the question “What is SEO?” it is the act of optimizing your website to be found within the search engines.

You also have different platforms like mobile search results and desktop search results to think about when optimizing your search presence. Yet we believe in simply showcasing your business with integrity so you look great on any platform.

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Affordable SEO Prices

One of our business believes is to make sure we put people before profits and this includes our CO search engine optimization services. Our #1 most popular service is our Monthly Flat Rate Digital Management Services. This affordable plan is only $297. per month with no contracts. All we ask is for a 30 day cancellation so we can finish any projects.

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Our SEO Process

When we partner with you to work on the SEO of your website, we want to listen to your pain points, desires and ultimate vision. Then we will discuss with you an ethical strategy to implement that will go parallel with your business goals. Here are a few key points we focus on.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important for your Colorado small business. Imagine if you operate a restaurant in Denver, Colorado and you want local Denver customers, well you must optimize your website and have proper web design to tell the search engines about your restaurant, your location and other key local factors. No matter if you are a contractor, attorney, doctor, babysitter or cake baker, you need local SEO to get the right customers in the right city to discover your products and services. That is what local Colorado SEO does. We typically recommend running some PPC campaigns if you need immediate results as proper SEO can take a few months or longer to start seeing results. From Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and Limon to Estes Park, our local search engine optimization experts will research the areas needed for your local business to get results.

Keyword Research

Keywords or long tail phrases are terms that people type into their mobile device or computer to find something online. So imagine you are real estate agent in Boulder, Colorado and you have homes for sale. Well then you want to make sure that you have the proper keywords and long tail phrases pointing to your website that correlate with what you are selling, which in this case would be homes. Just in case your wondering “what a long tail phrase” is, basically a keyword is simply one word that someone would type to find your website in the search engines. I like to think a keyword can be two words and still be counted as one keyword. For an example “Pueblo Dentists”. Now a long tail phrase is basically 3 or more keywords to equal a phrase. In this example this could be “Best Dentist for families in Pueblo”. So when we partner together with you we look for keywords and phrases that will benefit your business online.

Link Building

So many popular websites that rank well have authoritative websites linking back to them. Basically this means that if you have a website, you want to create quality content that people want to share with other people and so they add a link on their own website that sends their visitors to your website. This is called a backlink and this is basically another website showing you some love! So think about your business, if you were very busy and someone asked for a recommendation of another business, who would you trust? Your name is on the line if you recommend a bad business right? A backlink is the same thing. You can get a bunch of links from a bunch of bad spammy websites, or get a few great ones from amazing website with great domain authority! We help you “EARN” links not buy them or get a bunch of bad ones.

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