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Why use WordPress?

Why use WordPress? WordPress is considered as the content management software that is widely used by the websites nowadays. It is used to manage the content of the website in the most effective manner. WordPress is based on the PHP and the SQL. It is said that if someone wishes to adopt the easiest way …

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what is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress is a simple to use software to create websites. You can build your own Colorado website easily with WordPress, of if you hire a Colorado Springs web designer for an example, once the website is completed, you can easily manage the WordPress website. WordPress is a free tool which is being …

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What is Mobile Friendly?

What is Mobile Friendly?

What does mobile friendly even mean? Mobile friendly means that your website will open on mobile devices properly.¬† When you shrink your Colorado small business¬† website and make it small, you want it to be mobile friendly so that it can be displayed on your customers mobile phones, tablets, and laptops properly. If your website …

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What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting? You need Web hosting to be able to have your content online In this video Chris is talking about Web Hosting https://youtu.be/Mp8duxjKYD0 When you have a website, you want to share your content like pictures, videos and text with the world. For this to happen you must have a web hosting …

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What is a domain name?

What is a Domain Name?

Ready to start a website… You need a Domain Name! What do you want to call your website? In this video Chris is talking about Domain Names When you’re ready to start a new business here in Colorado or grow your existing small business, you need a quality website. But before we start thinking about …

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