What are DA and PA?

What are PA and DA?

DA and PA are some of the factors that will let you make the most out of your SEO efforts. It is because the factors that are considered to calculate domain authority and page authority are the metrics used by search engines for ranking.

Therefore, knowing about each of these here is important to understand things better in this regard.

What is DA?

DA also refers to Domain Authority is a ranking score of search engines that can let you know how likely a domain is to rank on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). The score of Domain Authority ranges from 1 to 100. While a higher score corresponds to the greater ability to get a higher rank on SERPs.

Generally, domain authority is calculated by considering multiple factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Number of total links to a domain
  • Quality of domain
  • Linking root domains and more.

All of these factors will translate into a single Domain Authority Score. You can use this score than to compare different websites as well as tracking the website’s ranking strength over time.

What is PA?

PA also known as Page Authority is basically a score that’s developed to predict how well a certain page is going to rank on SERPs. Similar to Domain Authority, the higher the page authority score is, the greater ability it will have to rank on SERPs.

Page Authority Score is based on data collected from various factors. Tools that are available to calculate PA scores are usually based on a machine learning model to determine the algorithm that correlates well with the ranking scores.

Why did Domain Authority and Page Authority score change?

As the Domain Authority and Page Authority scores are comprised of various calculations and metrics, therefore, pinpointing the exact reason can be complex. However, for any DA and PA score growing up or down, some potential influencing factors include the things such as:

  • The growth of your linking profile
  • Sites or pages with the highest authority experienced substantially linked growth skew the scaling process.
  • Earning links from the places that are not contributing to search engine’s ranking.
  • More of fewer crawling of your linking domains and pages than previously.
  • A domain authority at the lower end of the score spectrum can also be impacted by scaling fluctuation, more.

These fluctuations can cause changes in the authority score. In a nutshell, these scores are based on various factors which can impact the score both positively and negatively.

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