What are Referring Domains?

What are Referring Domains?

In the easiest words, the referring domains are the external websites. These websites direct the visitors to your website because they have the backlinks for your specific web pages.

It helps in several ways to improve your website’s ranking

Are referring domains and external links the same thing?

Most people confuse these two terms. External backlinks and referring domains are two things with a lot of similarities in them. However, their mode of functionality and mode of action is very different. If we take a look at the simple backlinks, they get embedded in a website in the following ways:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Button
  • Video or other page elements

The evaluation basis is also different for the backlinks

Referring domains are the websites themselves that contain one or more backlinks for another website. As your website can multiple backlinks from one website, you can also have multiple referring domains from different websites which will direct traffic to your website.

What is the importance of referring domains?

The most important thing for a website is to be on the top of search engine results. Referring domains have a high significance in this case. They not only help the traffic to get what they want but the search engine algorithms also examine the quality of your website with these.

These referring domains tell about the source quality, context, and relevance of your website and the page where they are posted. So, if you want more organic traffic on your website using referring domains can be very beneficial.

With high-quality referring domains you can attract a lot of traffic to your website and your sales and traffic engagement will increase as well.

The amazing benefits of referring domains

Referring domains are very important SEO ranking factors with a lot of benefits. Their high impact on the traffic and the search engine algorithms is a reason for their importance. There are several benefits and here we will be discussing some of them.

Vote of confidence

Google counts referring domains as the vote of confidence that you are getting from other websites. It means the more referring domains will create more votes for you and it will improve your ranking.

Increased sales with shorted sales cycles

Selecting referring domains from any website is not the best choice as you want to stay in your relevant niche. When you do it efficiently your sales will increase with interested people visiting the website. At the same time, the sales cycle will become shorter.

Your website credibility will increase

People tend to trust better websites and if you manage to get referring domains from the better websites then your website’s credibility will increase. It will make you authoritative and trustworthy for your traffic.


While referring domains are often confused with backlinks, they have high importance while being very different. Here we were elaborating on the significance of referring domains.

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