What is a Domain Name?

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When you’re ready to start a new business here in Colorado or grow your existing small business, you need a quality website.

But before we start thinking about #1 rankings in Google, we need to think about the foundation of our new website.

To answer the question of “What is a domain name?” in the simplest form, here is our answer: A Domain name is what you want to call your website. No matter if it’s for branding or your business name, a domain name will be what someone types into their mobile phone, laptop, or tablet to access your website and view your Colorado business information. Once on your website, a person can learn about your products, services, and or business in general. ​

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name of your website. A domain name is an address that internet users use to visit your website. Domain name is used to find and identify different computers on the internet. Each computer has its IP address that is a series of number. IP address can be used to identify a device on the internet.

Domain name is a combination of letters, numbers and a combination of multiple extensions of the domain name. You have to register the domain name before using it. Domain names are unique to identify a specific website in a crowed. A domain name is an internet resource that is being identify universally by the web servers.

Domain Name

Domain name is a source of the identification of your website, specifically in data communication and networks. Following are some facts about the domain name:

  • A domain name typically has two parts that are separated by a dot (.). Part of the domain that is following the dot (.) is called Top Level Domain (TLD). Top Level Domain (TLD) represents a group to which that domain belongs. For example, .edu is the LTD for the domains of educational institutes.
  • A domain name can identify an IP address or group of IP’s.
  • A host uses the domain name as an alternate of the IP address because alphanumeric data is easy to remember instead of numbers.
  • A Domain name is part of a URL to identify a website.

From where to buy a domain name?

There are a lot of organizations available that can provide you with a domain name for your website. If you want to buy a domain name for your website you have to pay an amount for that annually. That payment will make sure that your domain name will remain registered.

You have to renew the registration of your domain name when its registration period is expired. If you are not going to do so, you will lose your domain name. And that will be made available for others to register. You will get a notification through email about the expiry date of your domain name when domain name will be about to expire. You can get the service of auto-renewal option too. 

What is the cost to register a domain name?

Typically, domain name costs from $10 to $15 per year. If you want to get a domain name that is highly demanding in the market then, for the initial purchase of that demanding domain name, you have to pay hundreds or thousands. The annual amount of that domain name will be the same. The initial purchase of the demanding domain name can be costly because it may be the property of someone and that person wants to release that for sale.

Why should I purchase the domain name from domain name registrar?

You should purchase a domain name from a domain name registrar because, in future, if you get a need to switch the website builder, you can do with the same domain name. So, you will be free from the import/export process.


This explains everything about domain name. So, if you are looking to have online presence of your business go ahead and google a relevant domain name for you,

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