What is a Geotagged Image?

What is a Geotagged Image?

Geotagging, you might be familiar with this phrase already. A geotagged image is a photograph that is linked with a geographic location using geotagging. 

What are Geotagging images?

Geotagging is tagging a image with a geogrpahic location. More often, this is done by assigning longitude and latitude to a image, at least. However, the altitude is optionally here. Additionally, you can also include compass bearing and such other fields.

Theoretically, you can tie almost every part of your photograph to a certain geographic location. However, in most of the typical applications, one position is tied to the complete digital image. This comes up with implications for retrieval and search.

For example, photographs of a mountain summit may be taken from various positions miles apart. However, to find all these particular summit photographs in one database, all of the photos will be considered that are taken from a particular distance. The photographer’s point position may include the bearing, the elevation, the DOP, and the position of camera direction, in some cases.

Why is Geotagging photos important?

Do you want to know what makes geotagging photos beneficial for you? Let’s have a look at some of the many key reasons below to get a better idea about the things in this regard:

Image search

Well, we can never forget that images also show up on Search Engine Ranking Pages, more often on the top of the search results. However, adding geotagged images about your business can help search engines identify which images should be there on SERP that is ideal for your business.

Enhanced visibility on social media

People used to spend more time on social media platforms. Therefore, enhancing your reach over there is essential to grow your business. Fortunately, geotagged images can let more potential prospects reach your business. Even more, you can even get features on social media platforms with geotagged images.

Increased Search Engine Optimization results

Sites that have images that rank higher in search engines can boost their overall ranking as well. It is because such websites rank higher in the analysis of search engines. So, geotagged images are another amazing way you can consider improving your site’s ranking.

Opportunities to add more metadata

Metadata is the core of what is being used by search engines in their search algorithms to determine results and rankings. However, geotagged images can bring numerous ways to boost the rankings of your website in a more effective way. You can even repeat the location and name of your business in the alt text of geotagged images for improved rankings.

So, that’s what you need to know about geotagged images. Make sure to use them in My Google Business listings, social media accounts, website, and more platforms to enhance your reach and online visibility in the best possible way.

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