What is a Retargeting Pixel?

What is a retargeting pixel?

First, let us tell you about what does the retargeting pixel means. Retargeting pixel, also known as the remarketing pixel, is nothing but a piece of code that allows businesses to keep track of their customers.

Through this particular piece of code, companies can view how many people visited their business web pages on their website. The code makes lists of all the people that visited your website and stores it in a form of data.

The majority of the people that visit a website are not there to buy anything. As the code allows you to send various ads about your product or brand to the people mentioned in the list, when such customers leave your website, the code helps you stay in touch with the bounced traffic via the list.

It helps you make higher conversion rates (convert their audience into potential customers), and generate higher revenue.

How do retargeting works?

Retargeting pixels use cookies to keep track of the audience. You can either use retargeting pixels on some of the pages or the whole website. When people visit your business website, retargeting pixels plant a cookie in their browser. These cookies are not traceable, and people are not aware of this.

  • Once people leave your website, these cookies keep track of them and help you display ads about your product or brand on different websites and social media platforms to them.
  • In this way, you can increase the visibility of your brand and can get high-quality leads.
  • Although the service is mainly offered by Facebook, other companies like Google also allow you to have the retargeting pixel.

In addition to this, you can also choose how many people see your ad.

Why use retargeting pixels?

Retargeting is a reliable strategy that can earn you higher conversion rates for a business website. The main benefit that you get using retargeting pixels is that you can control the websites displaying your ads and can make your brand or product visible to your audience whenever you wish.

In addition to this, retargeting pixels allow you to build brand recognition and keep up with the world of digital marketing.

Does it always work?

Although retargeting pixels are a great tool that can allow you to gain insights about your web traffic, create engagement, and build your brand awareness, it only works when users click on your website. In short, this technical piece of code only works when the audience knowingly visits your website.

The above-specified are all the details that you should know about retargeting pixels.

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