What is AWeber?

What is AWeber?

AWeber is an app, or you can say software, that allows you to keep in touch with your customers or potential clients utilizing email marketing. For those of you who don’t know about email marketing, it is sending emails about your product, brand, or service to your existing or potential customers.

AWeber uses the strategy of email marketing in play to help businesses, typically small businesses to help them send emails to hundreds of their potential customers in one go. Therefore, AWeber allows enterprises to get their customers engaged or interested in their products or services through which they can earn higher revenue.

How to use AWeber?

AWeber is a user-friendly email marketing orientated app, which you can use without being tech-savvy. To use the software, you have to visit their official website, https://www.aweber.com/free.htm, fill out the form, and you will be ready to go.

However, filling the form will allow you to use AWeber for free, with fewer features. To use the pro version having more features, you must buy one of the plans.

Features of AWeber

AWeber is a popular email marketing software, that has some of the best features, through which businesses can build stronger and deeper business relationships with their potential or existing customers. Some of the most popular features are specified below.

You can create your very own mailing list and automate the emailing process

AWeber cares about your business relationships, and that is why it allows you to create your very own mailing list. The mailing list includes hundreds of emails, all of which are of potential or existing customers.

Through your customized mailing list, you can send automatic series of emails to your potential customers in just one click through autoresponders (scheduled messages). It helps you to increase your brand’s visibility and build engagement. It also helps you earn higher revenue.

Broadcast newsletters

Through AWeber, you can design and broadcast newsletters to your clients or your subscribers via email.

Effective targeting

AWeber allows businesses to effectively target their audience through email segmentation.

Drag and drop interface

You can customize your targeted emails through the drag and drop interface. Effective for tech-savvy people.

Notify your subscribers about special discounts and blogs

AWeber allows you to automate your content creation, through which you can notify your subscribers about special discounts and newly posted blogs. It helps you to increase your brand’s visibility, reputation and helps you earn more success.

The above-specified are all the things that you must know about AWeber.

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