What is Blogger?

What is Blogger?

Having an online presence is very important in this era where it has a huge impact on everything. Looking for a job, your website link will be a great addition to your CV. Looking to save memories, a blog will be an amazing place to create a profile of all your memories.

Well, we can say that it helps in every matter. However, creating one is not an easy thing. It is because there are things like development and designing along with backend and domain management. Blogger is a platform that can help you with all of this and here we will discuss it.

Blogger Overview

If you are looking to create a blog, you will get the 3 main options. One will be to develop it by yourself and this is the most difficult if you are not a programmer. Another one will be using several websites, but they will mainly provide you the front-end and you will have to deal with the backend yourself.

The best option will be to use Blogger. This is a platform that not only helps to make a blog. But it can also help you on the road to the success of your blog if you are looking for an online competition.

Features that you get from Blogger

Blogger comes with a lot of amazing features and benefits and here we will be discussing all of them.

Easy-to-use templates make designing your blog very simple and easy

Designing your blog according to the topic is the most important. For example, there are different themes for traveling blogs and you will never want to select that theme for a blog that is not related to travel. So, with the help of Blogger, you can choose your favorite theme from several categories. You can also select from the wide range of background images to make your blog attractive.

You will not have to worry about things like domain management

A domain name is very important when it comes to starting a blog. It is because you want people to memorize it easily. So, with Blogger you can get a free blogsopt.com domain name. You can also buy a custom one for the best impressions within a few clicks.

Start earning money as your blog reaches out to a lot of web traffic

As your blog is getting more and more web traffic you can earn from it. this is because Google AdSense will display ads on your blogs, and you will get paid for it. So, if you want to earn more with your blog make sure to keep posting things that increase your web traffic.

Use insights for even better performance

Knowing your audience helps a lot in increasing web traffic. Blogger is the platform that helps you with its built-in analytics tool. With its help, you will know about the interests and location of your audience. In this way, you can create more posts according to the interests of your audience and this will surely increase the traffic on your blog.


Well, there are many different ways of starting a blog, but Blogger is the easiest one. Here we were discussing all the features and benefits of Blogger.

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