What is Branding?

What is Branding?

Branding is based on anything that you use to establish the image of your business in the eyes of your customers. Years ago, branding was defined as a slogan, sign, name, symbol, design, or even as a combination of these elements to distinguish one business or product from another. However, at present branding has become a bit complex and more important for your business.

How does it work?

You can do branding of your business by:

  • Building a site that tells what you offer to your customers
  • Designing advertisements that are promoting your goods and services.
  • Creating a logo for your business
  • Selecting certain corporate colors and linking those with your business
  • Featuring your company’s logo and corporate colors on different social media accounts.

That’s how you can brand your business or company. You are shaping the perception of people for your business with the help of branding.

It is going to be the impression pop into the minds of your customers when they will hear about your business or company. Your business’ branding will also be based on the feelings they have about your business on the basis of their experience with you.

Some real-life examples of branding

We understand the fact that brands are everywhere. However, do you want to understand what makes a great brand or how you can separate a good brand from bad ones? So, here we have brought some real-life branding examples that will let you understand the branding concept even more clearly.


McDonald’s is standing out all around the world not only because of its unique logo but also due to various other similar characters including:

  • The Sonic Branding
  • The mascot Ronald McDonald
  • The same design of its stores all around the world
  • Uniformity of service the business is offering to its customers worldwide.

All of these things have made it an amazing brand which people love to experience.


With an estimated worth of more than $73 billion, Coca-Cola has become the 3rd most valuable brand all around the world. Surprisingly, the company has used its branding pretty well, that the business name has become the second most understood word globally following OK.

However, the company started its branding by giving its soda bottle a unique taste, color, design. However, the product turned into an experience, eventually. While the product branding was replaced by corporate branding over time.


Any generic category with the prefix “I” is generally considered to be an Apple product by people. Be it iPhone or iPad. This is such an amazing branding strategy used by Apple. However, the company has established its image as a premium brand offering high-end products. Surprisingly, it has a minimalist marketing approach only.

So, overall brands are essential for the familiarity of any business. However, branding isn’t only important to create a user’s perspective about your business, but also to make your business a memorable impression.

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