What is FTP?

Now and then, there is a transfer of files from one computer to another. When the process of file transferring takes place, there must be a protocol as well. Therefore, the protocol present at the time of file transfer is called FTP. This happens when you’re getting a new website built, making repairs like broken plugins, or even adding SEO verification codes via your server.

FTP is very crucial for users to experience the smooth transfer of files and data. It makes sure that the users can easily share data over the internet. Not only this, but it allows the transfer of multiple files in one go. Today, we will discuss more about FTP and its importance.

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A complete overview of What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a network protocol that allows the convenient sharing of files. This sharing takes place from one computer to another in the presence of file transfer protocol. FTP is defined as the application protocol or application layer protocol as well.

During the file transfer protocol, the computer system of the user’s end is called the localhost. And the computer system that is present at the server host is called a remote host. In order to successfully transfer the filer to each other, computers should be connected over the file transfer protocol.

  • The local host from which the files are shared must have proper FTP services.
  • Similarly, the server host needs to have the File Transfer Protocol software installed. These conditions are essential.

If you want to transfer or share data and files from your computer to the server’s computer. Usually, there are still many other protocols by which the multiple files can be transferred.

But the FTP, file transfer protocol is frequently used in banking services and applications. It is safe and allows the transfer of multiple files in one go.

How do FTP works?

FTP is known and acts as a client-server as well. For the sharing and transfer of files, both computers should have the proper services of FTP. If there is no software or services for the FTP, it will not let you share files or data.

For the FTP to work, the users must log in to the FTP servers. And the client then starts the conversation with the server. It happens when the user requests to download the file. Using file transfer protocol, servers can remove, add, share, rename, move and copy files

Why is it important?

The file transfer protocol (FTP) is considered to be an important network for the transfer of files and data. It is effective in the backup of data as well. While the transfer of files occurs, it also prepares a backup mechanism in case of the deletion of files and data.

The FTP (file transfer protocol) performs the replication functions as well. Replication means duplicating the original work. Duplication can prevent the loss of data.


The above-specified points explain what FTP is. The above-specified points also specify how does FTP works and what is the benefit of FTP. In short, it is a perfect guide for those who want to learn about FTP.


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