What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics: What is it?

Google analytic is a web service that is provided by Google itself. Google Analytics service helps you to keep track of the up-to-date statistics. It means it allows you to view how many users visited your business website.

It also provides a useful set of analytical tools which then helps in the aspects of Search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, and business purposes. Google Analytics is a very useful tool through which you can determine user insights, and can also get suggestions for improving the format of your business website.

It is crucial in the business and marketing world because it keeps an eye on every user visit and identifies customer behaviors as well. It helps brand or business owners to know what their website is lacking. Therefore, it allows them to try and optimize their website as much as they can.

Google Analytics is also ideal for small business owners, or startups, as they do not know much about website tracking or viewers’ insights.

How does Google Analytics work?

The whole working mechanism of Google Analytics is not strenuous, instead, it is very easy to understand how it works. Google Analytics takes the data from every visitor that opens each website. It is possible with the help of a page tag that is inserted into the code of every page.

After this, Google Analytics is able to track the user insights like, how many visits does a website daily gets or how much traffic is on a particular website. It uses cookies as well, which means it is only able to collect the data from the users who have enabled the cookies.

Google Analytics is used to track for Search engine optimization (SEO) purposes which makes google analytics a perfect software for companies, brands, or businesses who want to track and maintain their marketing strategies.

Features to know about:

Some of the basic features for Google Analytics are listed below.

  • Helps in data visualization, and other various data monitoring tools. It includes motion charts or dashboards.
  • It helps in data filtration.
  • It helps you perform funnel analysis.
  • Aids in communication-based on email.
  • Useful in data collection.
  • Helps in event tracking with your content.

Google Analytics is a very useful tool or software that is developed by Google to help brands, business owners, and multi-national companies to keep track of their website’s performance.

The above-specified information tells everything about what is Google Analytics and how does it work.  You need to learn the basics if you want to improve your performance and keep an insight about your business too.

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