What is Google Local?

What is Google Local?

Google Local Services ads are here to let you connect with the people who are looking for your services locally on Google. It means, this service will display your business ads in front of people who are from your area. While you have to pay for this only when a visitor will contact your business through an ad.

Your local ads will appear on Google when local visitors are going to search for your business in Colorado. So, you can ensure to be there when your potential prospects need you the most via Google Local.

However, you can earn the trust of your potential prospects via Google guarantee services.While Google Guarantee badge is here for businesses that pass the process of Google screening and qualification via Google local ads services or its partners.

Google has brought a new feature for consumer protection called Google Guarantee Service. However, businesses that are running local services ads can apply for Google Guarantee Services to offer enhanced reassurance to the customers.

In general, Google Guarantee can be one of the most powerful tools for lead generation. As it can let you stand out among competitors with ease.

So, let’s get to know more details about Google Local.

How does Google Guarantee Services work?

Is your business running local services ads? Then, you can apply for the Google Guarantee program by signing up for Google Local Services Ads. So, if the service is available for your area and you have gotten certification. Then, the logo of Google guaranteed badge is going to be displayed right next to your ad.

However, when you apply for this, Google will screen your business, check its insurance, license, as well as online reviews. Even more, Google will also perform a background check on your business employees at no cost to you.

Besides this, the background of the owner is also checked, always. However, the other backgrounds will be checked based on the nature of your Colorado business.

However, if your business passes all the checks of Google, then you will receive certification. It means you will get a badge to display to your audience to show them that Google has prequalified your business.

Benefits of Google Guarantee Services

Well, here are some of the most amazing ways in which Google Guarantee Services can help your Colorado business:

  • Greater visibility in the Local Pack of Google
  • Increased mobile traffic
  • Higher Click-Through Rates
  • Improved customer confidence and trust.
  • Increased leads, conversions, and sales
  • More possibilities to generate revenue.
Is Google Guarantee Service right for your business?

Many of the small businesses out there are struggling to navigate through the PPC’s complicated world. For them, the Google Guarantee program backed by Google Local Services Ads can make a significant impact. It is because this program will let you spend less time worrying about bidding strategies and effective keyword search.

Ultimately, you can spend more of your time running other crucial aspects of your Colorado business.

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