What is Instagram?

What is Instagram?

To understand Instagram, think of it as Facebook that only focuses on sharing videos and pictures. Instagram is a mobile application through which you can share videos and photos. In short, Instagram is a video and photo-sharing platform. Not only this, but Instagram also has built-in tools through which you can edit your photos and videos.

In Instagram, followers play a vital role, and the real struggle is attracting followers on your Instagram page or profile. Moreover, you and other users can also interact with each other by commenting or liking posts. You can also follow numerous users all across the globe or can get followed by them. In addition to this, you can also interact with other users by direct messaging them.

How to use Instagram?

To use Instagram, first, you have to download it and then install it. You can download the application from either Google Play Store or App Store. After installing the app, open the app, and you will be able to see two options, sign in using Facebook, and create a new account.

Creating a new account will require you to put your email address and phone number. Signing in using Facebook is a more reliable and convenient method.

Note: By signing in with Facebook, your Instagram username and password will be the same as your Facebook one.

Customizing your profile

To effectively use Instagram, you must customize your profile. By customizing your profile, you will express yourself and interact with other users more conveniently. To customize your profile, add your username and profile picture. Moreover, make sure to write something eye-catching in your bio.

You can always make updates to your Instagram profile by selecting the Edit Profile option.

Sharing photos and videos

To share various photos and videos on your Instagram profile, tap the add icon at the bottom of the page. Upon tapping the icon, you can share photos or videos in your gallery or take new ones with the in-built camera.

Editing the media

The niftiest benefit of Instagram is that it allows users to edit their content. To do this, select the photo or video you wish to share by following the above step. Once you do that, you will be automatically promoted by Instagram to add filters, adjust brightness, and fix saturation.


You can also add captions to your media to grab the attention of your users. Captions can be regarding your taste or according to the viewers’ opinions.

Tagging people

You can also tag people or users on your photos and videos by clicking the option “tag people.” It can help your followers to be notified when you post a picture and get more views.

Insert location

Adding a location is very simple. At the top, while uploading your photos, there will be an option known as “add location” by clicking this option, you can add your desired or current location.

Sharing profiles

Instagram offers the option for linking your other accounts with Instagram. This way, you can connect the same pictures everywhere by just switching the accounts with one tap.

Uploading Instagram stories

Sharing Instagram stories is very easy and fun. It allows the users to post their everyday work and daily updates for the whole day without making long posts.

Tell a story

You can tell or dictate an event or story to your followers by adding captions or just by simply recording it and then adding to the story.

Liking and comments

You can like on Instagram photos and videos by double-tapping the pictures and videos or by tapping the heart icon underneath the photos.

You can add comments by clicking the chat cloud type icon below the pictures and add comments. You can also add emojis that come as suggestions.

The above-specified are some of the ways in which you can use Instagram. This step-by-step guide is beneficial for beginners.

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