What is Keywords Everywhere?

What is a Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is a tool that anyone can add as an extension to their chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. It will help you to find the search volume, competition, and CPC keywords. It helps in the selection of the best keywords.

What are the features of Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere can be considered as the best keyword tool for all of your needs. Its features make it one of the best options for everyone whether you are looking for free services or paid. Some of the features that you get here are:

  • Keyword widgets
  • Trend charts
  • YouTube metrics
  • On-Page Analysis.
  • Competitor gap analysis.

These were the free version features. The paid version adds a lot of other features. Some of those are:

  • Monthly search volume, competition, trend data, and CPC for the whole year.
  • Volume data in e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay.
  • Volume data in different Google Properties like Google search console, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and many more.
  • Volume data in different search engines like Bing, YouTube, and many more.
  • Historical data for better planning from 2004.
  • Volume data in different SEO tools.
  • Historical data was obtained because of the feature of bulk trends.

You can import your keywords to get more accurate search volume, competition for them, and CPC on a monthly basis.

The amazing benefits of using Keywords Everywhere

As it is one of the best keyword tools that you can use it comes with amazing benefits. Some of them are elaborated on here.

You can download your keywords

Saving your keywords on offline storage may be required sometimes. Keywords Everywhere helps you by allowing you to download your keywords in excel, PDF, or CSV formats for easier usage.

You can search by country

If you are looking for local SEO then it may be the best tool for you. It helps by narrowing down the keyword research results to specific locations.

It is a global tool

Keywords Everywhere provide results in English which is a global language these days. It means that you can use it everywhere in the world.

You can save a keyword for the future

Sometimes the keyword is not best for current usage, but it may seem useful for future usage. Keywords Everywhere help you to save all the keywords for future research and usage.


Using Keywords Everywhere it will get easier to find the top keywords and assure that you can easily get the ranking you need. So, add this tool to your browser, select the package and start searching.

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