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What is Mobile Friendly?

What is Mobile Friendly?


What is Mobile Friendly?

Mobile friendly means that your website will open on mobile devices properly.  When you shrink your business  website and make it small, you want it to be mobile friendly so that it can be displayed on your customers mobile phones, tablets, and laptops properly. If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be losing leads and sales. 


Making your websites or web designs user-friendly means your videos, images or anything that is part of your website should be easily accessible by all the platforms. Your website should have a proper layout on the tablets as well as on the mobile screen. Mobile friendly is the best way of satisfying your users by giving them proper, interesting and a effective user interface.


  • Responsive website design is the simple designing technique that uses a simple HTML code. Giving a responsive website to the user means whenever the user is browsing on the internet, the overall content of the website should be adjusted according to the size of the screen. Responsive or mobile-friendly websites have flexibility that they can adjust on the screen of android phones and tablets. These websites will adjust their size according to the size of the screen.
  • On the other hand, mobile-friendly means whenever you try to open a website on your mobile device, it will automatically adjust according to the size of the screen of the mobile.


Mobile friendly seems to be attractive as they become the platforms where the users will experience an effective layout. Even the images that are posted here are flexible and will adjust their size according to the size of the screen. All the functions and contents are made flexible so that they will show a simpler presentation when they are shifted to even smaller screens. All the functions and images are adjusted in such a way that they will be understandable by the users.


The people that are using a specific website want proper and convenient layout. People want a properly adjusted user interface. If you want to attract and satisfy your users, you have to give them proper mobile-friendly layout. This means the contents and the functions are properly adjusted according to the size of the screen of mobile phone.

How many leads, quotes, or sales are missing out on because your website is not mobile friendly?


A mobile-friendly design is that that will give you the exactly the same layout and functionality as it is given on the desktop screen. Nothing will be changed in the physical layout. Some features like drop down and navigation etc. are difficult to handle on mobile screens that is why they can be avoided. There are some key features that someone will get in the mobile-friendly web designs. Some of them are:

  • It uses static contents instead of dynamic i-e that does not change.
  • The navigation is difficult to handle. So, the navigation that is used in mobile-friendly websites is simpler.
  • Images that are displayed on the screen are smaller.

Mobile friendly websites offer the growing amount of mobile users the variety of quality websites to visit. For an example if you need a plumber  and you start looking at various websites, which website will you visit – The one that you can read everything on the page? or the one that you can’t load properly? 

My guess is the one that is mobile friendly and you can see all of the content.

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