What is National SEO?

Do You Need National SEO?SEO,  search engine optimization, is used for businesses, organizations, and companies, on both local and national levels. SEO is a term that can differentiate your business from other similar businesses.Every time you search for a business online, that is where SEO comes into play. For example,  if you operate a Colorado business and your target market is in Colorado Springs, Colorado,  then you will want Colorado Springs SEO services. This allows Colorado Springs businesses to show up in search engines, such as, Google and Bing.Whenever you need to run a business campaign in multiple USA states, national SEO will help you regarding this. The difference between the local and the national SEO is that national SEO mostly focuses on broad keywords rather than general keywords.So again,  instead of a Denver Web Design Company, it would be just web design. Today,  every business wants to make money in their ideal market, and thus you may need to focus on the national SEO area instead of just local SEO.National SEO provides you the best chance that your business will have a place in the market and will compete with the other national companies. By using national SEO strategies, you will reach across the country, making national SEO a vital role in any business today.


Local SEO,  as the name suggests, is a platform where you can do your business in more specific locations, such as Pueblo, Fort Collins or Boulder. National SEO will provide you a platform with the ability to serve a much larger geographic area. National SEO will allow you to target either an entire country or just a state, such as Colorado, Wyoming,  or Texas.


If someone wants to run a national SEO campaign online,  they will  have to follow some rules. Mainly, you must define the keywords that must appear after a search.The SEO tools that are used in a National campaign are:
  • Use of advanced keywords.
  • There must be keyword mapping.
  • There should be SEO optimization.
  • Google Map optimization is must.
  • There should be a review strategy.
When the purpose is not to focus a specific area, then national SEO will be beneficial. The drawback of national SEO is that it is more complex and costly as compared to the local SEO. National SEO is comparatively difficult to handle.There are three types of campaigns that can be used:
  • Local
  • Hybrid
  • National
If at any point, it becomes confusing to which campaign strategy will be best for your business, consulting with an SEO expert about your issue can be very beneficial.


For the successful National campaign following steps are important:
  • When there is a new keyword optimized and content appears, the updates need to be added to the website.
  • There should be proper contact information like email address etc.
  • The name of the optimized images should be complete.
  • Page titles and the title tags should be keyword optimized.


  • You can reach across an entire state or country rather than in the local area.
  • Whenever you are using national SEO, it will be beneficial in making your place in the market, allowing more people to know you and about your company.
 If someone wants to decide which category of SEO is best according to their business, they can contact us to help find what is the best fit.Chris Heidlebaugh with Colorado Web Impressions

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