What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform where you can discover new ideas. You can find inspirations to do something that people love through Pinterest. Pinterest is a social network that you must pay attention to get a lot of updates and to discover the new things each day.

Pinterest is a pin board which gives you greater functionalities. You can get it as a bookmarking tool too. Pinterest can help you to get the best ideas for your business. It can help you in being creative.

You can sign up the Pinterest to get started.


Sign up your account for free

Pinterest is a free platform to use. You have to sign up the Pinterest to create your account similar to other social media platforms. You can create a free account with your email id or can connect Pinterest with your Facebook profile or a Google account. 

While creating your new account, you have to give your personal information, for example, your name, gender, age, language, and the country name. You can use your contact number for better security purpose. Before you complete this action, you have to select the five categories of your interest to follow on the Pinterest. 

This selection will help the Pinterest to know about your interest, and then you will be able to get the content based on the pins you have selected on your Pinterest account.

This could be animals, quotes, crafts, recipes and more. You get to choose!


Pins and Boards on Pinterest


Pins are the ideas that you can save according to your interest in the web. Each pin can connect you to the website from where that was saved. If you are going to connect the website through this pin, you can get more about that topic.

 When you see a pin that can give you some knowledge, you will love to perform that idea in your practical life. After applying the idea practically in your life, you can share the pictures about that on the Pinterest too.

You can share pins with others too. It is the best way to share your ideas with other people. You can share your ideas with your friends or others that you think will enjoy it.



You can organize your saved pins in a better way by creating a board. You can give a name to each of your board according to the type of pins you are saving on that. You can add your friends or any other people to your board, whom you want to show your saved pins. This is a better way of sharing your interest with others and managing different types of pins at different places according to their categories. This can help you in getting the things faster because they will be well managed.

You can create secret boards too. These boards will not be shared. You can keep there your pins that you do not want to share.

Pinterest is a social network too. You can be connected with other users on Pinterest by liking, commenting on their ideas or through private messages. You can resave the posts of each other too. 

Lastly, you can advertise on Pinterest, So if you sell items, you may consider buying ads to sell your amazing items on Pinterest!

Thank you for considering Pinterest! 

Chris Heidlebaugh of Colorado Web Impressions

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