What is Podcasting?



Podcasting is a way to distribute audio or video over the internet. A podcast is a digital broadcast that one can perform through the internet. The podcast is derived from two words one is pod and the second is cast. Some of us can assume that an iPod is required for podcasting by its name. But, it is not so. Most of the portable players have the built-in support for the podcasts. Except for mobile phones, you can enjoy a podcast on your personal computer too. The podcast is a generic term that is being used for the broadcast of any video or audio file, that people can enjoy by subscribing over the web. The podcast is free to subscribe it is not going to charge anything from you to for subscription.





No matter if you’re driving to work down I-25 to Denver, or sitting in traffic in Colorado Springs, you can listen to a podcast to get ready for the day.


Podcasting has changed the way to address the customers and employees entirely. It is a revolutionary change that has made by the podcasting. Because through this your audience either it is based on the employees or customers can listen to you by selecting the podcast at any place or at any time they want to.





Once you have created an audio program and has posted it on the internet, now any individual can access it, listen to it or download that file on his personal computer or on any other device he wants to. A user can listen to that downloaded file at any time or place he wants to by copy it on any portable device.





Multiple online directories of the podcast are available which are the best source to get the podcast that you want to have. iTunes is a most popular podcast directory. These directories are a great way to find the desired podcast for you.


If you want to download a single podcast, you can easily download that from any of the available podcast directories. But if you want to get the future programs to be downloaded automatically on your personal computer, mobile phone or on any other portable device, then you must subscribe for that directory to let these podcasts be saved on your computer. Listening to a podcast on any directory is free but some of the pay to play podcast directories are also available on the internet. But these pay to play podcast directories is also allowing subscription free of cost. Most of the directories are earning by advertising different things.





Podcasts are normally being downloaded for listening later. And you can copy the podcast at any device or at any number of devices you want. You can play the copied podcast at any time you want to listen without connecting your device with internet.


 Podcasts are not anything tough to create. You can create a podcast easily by using the free tools that are available on the internet. The best benefit of the podcast is that you can tune or listen to the podcast at any place and at any time. Many types of podcasts are available including informational, educational, entertaining or informative.


If we can help you start your Colorado podcast show, let us know. We would be happy to help you choose equipment, podcast hosting, and even design your new show.


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