What is PPC?

What is PPC? 


PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click,  is one of the internet marketing techniques that can boost your Colorado business.  PPC is a type of online marketing in which an advertiser has to pay a specific amount for each time when the ad are being clicked on. It is a common way to buy visits for your website instead of earning the visits organically.

Search engine advertising is the most common and popular form of Pay Per Click. In the search engine advertisement advertisers bid for ad placements in the sponsored links of the search engine. Whenever the ad is clicked and a visitor is sent to the website of the advertiser, the advertiser has to pay a small amount to the search engine.


Pay per Click advertising is an online model in which you can display the ads of your products or services. When someone tries to search the terms online, by entering queries relevant to your product or service, your ad will be displayed to them.

As the name Pay Per Click shows, you just have to pay the specified amount for that ad in a case when the user clicks that ad.


  • PPC Marketing through Google Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Re-marketing


Google Ads are known as the most popular advertising system for PPC in the world. This platforms for ads allows different organizations to create ads that can appear on Google. These ads are being operated on the model of pay per click. The user has to bid for the placement of their ad and will pay Google for each click.

Conducting PPC through google ads can be valuable for you because Google is the most popular search engine and has a lot of traffic. This can then  deliver many impressions or clicks to the ads that you have placed on Google.


Affiliate marketing is a technique in which you use other’s websites to promote your product or services. If you are using this technique to sell your products, then you have to pay a commissioned amount whenever a customer makes a purchase.

 Affiliate marketing is a beneficial marketing strategy for product owner and their  affiliates. Affiliate marketing will help the product owner to increase their sales and the affiliate will get the commission for each sale. Affiliates can be successful if they are promoting a product or service that match the interest of their followers.


Re-marketing is also a popular way being used to promote websites. In re-marketing,  when a user visits your website and leaves without buying any of your services or products, you will be able to reach them in the future. This will be done by having ads show up across the users different devices used.

It can be a great method of marketing for you in the case when you have low CPC (Cost Per Click). Pay per click can enable you to have a good return on investment, but can be competitive in some businesses that may require continuous updates or regular maintenance to maintain a good campaign.

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