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On Page SEO is the key to local search rankings

In this video Chris is talking about SEO

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So if you run a Colorado business website, or your thinking about building a website for a future project, typically you want to be found online.

To answer the question of “What is SEO?” in the simplest form: SEO means search engine optimization and is the art of optimizing your website to get found in the search engines like Google and Bing.

This process involves optimizing your title tags, using keywords, H tags, creating backlinks, keyword research, and so much more. It’s fun, stressful, and challenging all in one!​

What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing? Video marketing is a  marketing strategy in which you use videos to promote your brand, product or service. If you want

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Local vs National SEO

Local vs. National SEO Which is better? SEO has two types, Local SEO and the National SEO. Local SEO is done for the people of

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Webmaster Services + Colorado SEO

$ 497/mo

We not only make sure your website is running smoothly, but we also help your website get found in the search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing. We optimize your website to get found for your products and services. Then we track your rankings each month and make changes as needed to maximize your results. We work with you directly to discuss keywords, your goals, and ultimate vision. We won't promise you #1 rankings because the algorithms are always changing. Colorado SEO is like a chess game, and we are always making our move in a positive direction!