What is TikTok and how it can be used for digital marketing?

What is TikTok and how can it be used for Digital Marketing?

About 53% of the customers get engaged with a brand after seeing a video on social media platforms. Well, this is undoubtedly an important stat to consider when it comes to know the effectiveness of adding videos in your next digital marketing campaigns. So, tiktok is a video-sharing platform that is available to use in 154 countries. Previously, this application was known as musical.ly.

TikTo Overview

TikTok offers an opportunity to share videos of length 15 seconds designed for mobile viewing, exclusively. For videos being created on tiktok, the application is also providing different tools for adding filters, special effects, music, and much more. All such things are making this social media platform unique and help people to create engaging videos with ease.

Overall, the tiktok application is attuned to the trends of modern usage and caters to the users looking for an exciting yet different way to connect.

Based on its download stats, the app is absolutely hitting the right notes with the audience.

How it can be used for digital marketing?

Surprisingly, during the first quarter of 2018, tiktok became the most downloaded non-game mobile application globally from Apple Store. However, currently, 80% of the application downloads are on android mobiles.

With this surge in the popularity of tiktok, many of the brands are adding this platform to their digital marketing campaigns. Brands that are frustrated due to increasing prices and lower organic reach on various other social media platforms are also considering tiktok as an effective option for their brand’s digital marketing campaigns.

Ways to use tiktok for digital marketing

However, there are different ways tiktok can be used for digital marketing. To let you understand things better in this regard, here we have enlisted some of those ways below.

  1. Create your brand’s profile and keep uploading interesting brand content consistently. To make the most out of it use your brands’ own hashtag and ask people to create content using that hashtag and let it reach your potential prospects.
  2. Utilize influencer marketing to expand the reach of your content to a much broader audience. There are a lot of popular people on tiktok who have built their audience to millions. You can collaborate with those tiktok stars for this purpose. Approach them with some lucrative incentives and get your brand advertised on tiktok.
  3. Tiktok ads can be another lucrative way to consider advertising your brand on this platform. Here you can make use of the new feature of tiktok for this.

All of these ways can easily help the brands in making the most out of tiktok marketing campaigns. Consider adding most of them as per your marketing objectives to reap more benefits for your local Colorado business.

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