What is video marketing

Video is the future of the internet, but are you ready? In this post we talk about video marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a  marketing strategy in which you use videos to promote your brand, product or service. If you want a strong campaign of video marketing, then you should share videos of products, services, live events, and user testimonials with your users. Videos can be of any type, for example, video of corporate training, explanatory videos, how-to videos, and many others. 

Why adopt video marketing?

  • Video can connect you with your audience
  • Videos boost sales
  • Videos can enhance Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Video increases the trust level of the user
  • Google is fond of videos
  • Videos can explain things in detail

 Video can connect you with your audience

Videos can connect you with your audience in an effective way. Videos can play a role of a bridge between your audience and you. They can help the customers to get to know about your products and services in detail. Trust is the most important thing for better conversation and sales. Trust building should be the utmost priority of an organization and video marketing is a great tool to build that necessary trust.  

Videos can engage the busy buyers too

A video is the best tool for the learning process, and it is really easy to consume, as well. Today everyone is too busy in their lives and have no time to read long descriptions in text format. Customers want to see the required products in an active form. The video is the best way to display your product in action.

Videos boost sales

Videos can lead to the sales directly and enhance your sales. If you are going to add a video of your product on your site, the conversation about the product will increase by 80%. Our brain can get visual transmission earlier than other ways!

Videos can enhance Return on Investment

According to research, 83% of businesses claimed that video marketing is providing a better return on investment. Even though the production of a video is time consuming, it is a great way to boost interest and business. 

Google is fond of videos

Videos can increase the time that a visitor is going to spend on your website. According to researchers, if you have video content, you will be 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google, because Google prefers video content.

Videos can explain the things in detail

Videos can explain things in a better way. You can create animated videos to explain difficult concepts. Making a video of your product will allow you to show the product in action and connect with potential users easily.

With video marketing becoming more popular,  you just need to be sure that your video is showing its purpose clearly to engage more users. Creativity is a key for the production of marketing videos.Colorado Web ImpressionsColorado Web Impressions

Colorado Web Impressions

Colorado Web Impressions is a Faith & Family based Digital Marketing Company that helps Colorado small businesses succeed online. We specialize in Colorado SEOWeb DesignSocial Media, Video Marketing and more! Call us today 719-419-3935

Colorado Web Impressions

Colorado Web Impressions

Colorado Web Impressions helps Colorado small business succeed online through services like Colorado SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and Business Branding. Call us today to discuss your digital marketing needs at 719-419-3935


I’m Chris Heidlebaugh, the owner of Colorado Web Impressions. As a Christian business owner, my goal is to provide you with God honoring services at an affordable price. Call me today to discuss your website needs (719) 419-3935

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