What is WordPress? And Why Is It Important

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a simple to use software to create websites. You can build your own Colorado website easily with WordPress, of if you hire a Colorado Springs web designer for an example, once the website is completed, you can easily manage the WordPress website.


WordPress is a free tool which is being used for content management and is on based on MySQL and PHP. The main features of WordPress are Template System and Plugin Architecture. Mostly it is being used for blogging, but it is supporting some other type of web content too, which includes a different kind of media galleries and e-commerce stores. WordPress is being used by nearly 60 million websites.


The basic purpose of WordPress is to create blogs,  instead of the traditional websites. Now that developers have made changes in the code, you can create the following websites by using WordPress.

  • A business website
  • An eCommerce store
  • Portfolios
  • Blogging Website
  • Membership Sites
  • Forums
  • Social Networks
  • Resumes

WordPress is an open source software that you can install on your Personal computer for free. An individual can create their site on it for free, and even a team. group, or organization can do the same. WordPress is built for everyone and this is why millions of people are using WordPress currently.


WordPress is a flexible tool that allows you to customize your website according to the type of site you are going to create. It allows you to change the entire look of your website by using themes. WordPress even offers plugins that make it possible to change the functionality of your website.


WordPress allows a user to switch among different themes of WordPress. The user can install these themes by some clicks and use them in different websites. Themes can change the overall look of the website without making any change to the core code of the website. At least one theme is required for each website to be presented and the themes can be installed directly by using a tool of WordPress named Appearance in the dashboard. Another way to change the themes is that you can copy the theme folder into the theme directory. The third way is to directly modify the code to change the behavior of theme. A user of WordPress can develop their own  theme too.

There are two types of themes offered through WordPress:

Free Themes:

These themes are available in the directory for free and they can be used anywhere that a user may want.


These are paid themes that a user will have a fee to use these.


Plugins in WordPress help the user to extend the features of their website. It can also help in improving the functionality of your website. More than 55,286 plugins are available on WordPress. Each of the plugins are  developed for a specific purpose that the user can use in their website according to the need. You can get many of the themes offered either through buying them through WordPress, or you can download and install them through the dashboard of WordPress.

WordPress is known as the most popular website creating tool. It can help you in creating and styling your website and you can create your website or blog by using WordPress easily.

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