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    "I help Colorado Small Businesses Succeed Online!"

  • Hey Colorado, I'm Chris Heidlebaugh and as the proud owner of the digital marketing agency Colorado Web Impressions, I'm thankful for you being here and learning more about me and why you may consider working with me.

    The mission of this company is to provide local, honest, and ethical digital marketing services like Colorado Springs SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Video creation, Podcasting, and Webmaster services.

    So if I can help you in any way, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at 719-800-3219 


Chris Heidlebaugh
  • Hi, I'm Chris

    As a Colorado SEO expert and digital marketing specialist, I help local businesses succeed online. Now of course every business has a different definition of success, so I listen to your needs and help you with integrity.

    While you are here, I want to introduce myself to you not only on a business level, but a personal level too.

    Why does this matter? Because I believe in building relationships with my clients. So welcome to my about page and it's great to have you here!


  • Professionally:

    I have been working with websites for over 20 years. From the days of when Aol and WebTv were cool, until now, I have lived online.

    I started building websites using Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Now I proudly use WordPress. 

    Over the years when I needed to learn something, I taught myself. SEO, taught myself. Video production, taught myself. Social media, you get the point.

    I never stop learning! This work ethic has grown into a a BA degree with a minor in internet marketing and then a Masters in Computer Science degree with my emphasis being in Cyber Security.

    I have also published a book on Positive Leadership, became a podcaster & blogger, and even produced WordPress tutorial videos for a theme company.

    I love the internet and I'm always researching, testing, and growing with digital technologies.

  • Personally:

    Some clients we work with simply want results, and don't care about the digital marketing company they work with.

    But some people want to work with someone they can trust and relate to.

    I'm a simple guy: I wear plaid shirts, love my wife and son, I'm a Man of Faith, enjoy walks with my dogs, and a hot cup of tea or coffee. The beginning and the end.

    I mention my shirt choice because it represents who I am. I roll up my sleeves and work. 

    My passion is people and computers. These beliefs have been the foundation of this business. I have adopted a "People before Profits" mentality. Meaning: If I can offer you tips, advice, or help for free, I will. So even if you decide to hire me, my prices are low and affordable because I keep overheads low and pass those saving onto to you.

    Why do I do this? Because I would rather work for an honest living, than to be greedy and take advantage of anyone. 

    You might be like me. You work hard to provide for your family. You treat people the way you would want to be treated. You surround yourself with positivity. And you simply love life. 

    If I sound like teh type of person you would like to work with, call me today. 719-800-3219

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